According to our Integrated Management Systems as developed by our vision, mission, and values, Petkim Petrochemicals Holding Inc. chooses to act according to legal requirements, earning the trust of our shareholders, and providing support for sustainable development as our primary goal.


In accordance with this purpose;


In our operations we aim to ensure occupational health & prevent the industrial accidents at developing systems,


By focusing protect the natural habitat to respect the human & environment


Reduce contaminants, increase the rate of recycling and reduce the use of natural resources,


To use the energy efficiently, increase the rate of the renewable energy sources in the energy usage,


To ensure the information security,


To maintain continuity the ensure customer expectations and handle the customer complaints efficiently by being customer focused,


Follow technological developments, do design and development works in our product/processes,


Be transparent in our operations to our shareholders,


Define evaluate monitor the elements of risk and opportunities which can effect the company goal by enterprise risk management as effect and probability and when necessary take actions,


We will allocate all necessary sources and support all actions to meet our target,


By raising the awareness of all our employees and their full participation we will fulfill and develop the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18000, ISO 50001, TS ISO 10002, ISO 27001, TS ISO 31000 standards.