Our  vision is:
- To sustain our leadership in Turkish market through continuous growth and
- To be a major player in the region in petrochemical industry.

Petkim produces high quality petrochemical products in its integrated and high technology premises and it imports high quality petrochemical products, compatible with international standards.
Petkim sells its products in domestic   market and in international opportunity markets with a strong customer focus.
Petkim cares about innovation, it takes quality as its philosophy of life and grows with its partners by increasing Petkim’s market value and profitability.
Petkim keeps the competence, satisfaction and loyalty of its employees at maximum level with innovative human resource applications.
Petkim follows universal ethical values, saves the environment,   provides occupational health and safety, supports and adds value to the society with a sustainability perspective

. Adding value to our customers
. Employee focused
. Creativity and innovation
. Occupational health and safety
. Taking responsibility for a sustainable future
. Product quality and continuity
. Adding value through partnership