Adding "to take responsibility for a sustainable future" value to its corporate values in 2010, Petkim once again revealed its sensitivity to this subject for many years.  Our company uses many tools to implement the values that owns at every stage of the corporate for the sake of sustainability, it has created a platform called “Sustainability Board” to carry out their work in a more coordinated way. Sustainability Board reports to CEO and by this way activities are supported and sought by company's CEO. Sustainability Committee's work can be reported to the Board by the CEO. The most focused field of Sustainability Board, is the creation of the of environmental policy and managing the environment. In this context; a corporate structure is established with the purpose of wide participation and follow-up at the highest levels of environmental impacts and risks of climate change. All the relevant departments in our company contribute by reporting their views to this committee, decisions taken by the company are implemented by the support and instructions of CEO who is the highest level executive within the company.

Sustainability notion of our company; efficient use of natural resources and energy, continuous monitoring of emissions, effective waste management, R & D projects related to developing environmentally compatible products and technologies are backed with our environmental activities. Our company's environmental responsibility is not only based on the principle of increasing environmental investments not only fulfill legal requirements, but also taking voluntary initiative to improve its environmental performance continuously. Our company Environmental Management is implemented with Integrated Management System by involving ISO 9001 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the ISO 14001 environmental management system. In the Integrated Management System including the Environmental Policy we are committed; "Being respectful to people and the environment, focusing on protecting our natural environment, reducing waste, increasing the rate of recycling, reducing the use of natural resources, energy use efficiency, increasing the share of energy use of renewable energy resources". In this context, the indicators are monitored Individual Scorecard which are specially designated for each activity area and is targeted reduce the unit use of air-water-soil, by increasing recycling and effectiveness. These targets are also controlled if they achieved or not.

In addition, since 1993, Petkim, has a membership to Responsible Care has been implemented in coordination of Turkey Chemical Manufacturers Association. Our company does not only consider the investment for reducing the environmental impact as a cost factor. We lower the environmental impact to a minimum level and also increase sustainable profitability. In this context, we are constantly trying to minimize our energy consumption by improving our unit energy consumption and environmental impact with enhancing energy efficiency projects. Unit energy consumption is the most important indicator that we fallow. As can be seen from the graph below, iIt shows a continuous improvement except as incidental arising out of the maintenance shutdown in 2014.

Volunteer Projects

Petkim is not just a company focusing on production, co-acting is a collaborative organization that comparisons. Especially our activities in the EU harmonization process exemplifies our policy. Our company as one of our EU directives in the “Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive" s (IPPC)carried out in the pilot plant for implementation of the project with Turkey of Environment and Forestry Ministry's organization and the Dutch government's support.

In addition, Petkim participated detection of pollution in coastal areas and aiming to monitor the changes in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas a MED-POL Project which is coordinated by Environment and Forestry Ministry and UNEP / MAP and carried out by Middle East Technical University - Institute of Marine Science, and Dokuz Eylul University -Marine Science and Technology Institute. Under the project our company made instantaneous measurements at the point where the treated water is discharged. By taking sample from this point our coastal pollution the situation was monitored and transport.

Another project supported by our company is Pollution Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) Project which launched in cooperation with the UN / UNDP - Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry jointly. With this project, a system is intended to be created for monitoring the pollution occurred or may occur industrial facilities based on the chemicals in Turkey. In this context, Petkim has been involved in the project as field partner. "Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)" has been launched by inviting ISE index is -50 among 50 companies including Petkim to explain policies related to carbon emissions and climate change in 2010 in Turkey. Petkim has become one of the leading companies in this field which gave positive response to this invitation.

Risk Management

The most important factor in prevention of environmental impacts is identifying environmental risks and planning. Therefore, identification of environmental risk started in 1998 with the establishment of the Environmental Risk Manager position and management studies are carried out under the main headings; monitoring compliance with environmental legislation and regulations, the provision of waste management, control of emissions and preventing the creation of chemical inventory, control of marine pollution, efficient and effective operation of the waste disposal system, the creation of an environmental culture within the company.  The company's and the individual follow-up, etc. of environmental performance.  Data entry of all information about stored and on the chemicals produced in Petkim has been performed to the portal "Chemical Substance Inventory Reporting System, Chemical Registry System, ODS, BekraNotification System (Seveso)" in the scope of the Environmental Information System created by the Ministry of Urbanization. In addition, all of our employees are continuously informed about the use of chemicals, transporting, storing, the security measures to be taken. We revise and give all data sheets of our products to our customers according to the current legislation in Turkish and English during sales period. Although all safety data sheets of chemicals used in the company exists in work areas, Material Safety Table and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Tables are also hung on individually created workspace for each work sites. Potential hazards of all work areas are identified using Risk Assessment Table of under Integrated Management System evaluated the environmental dimensions. All necessary measures were evaluated for identified hazards and Risk Assessment Tables are revised. In addition to our factory Emergency Response Plan of our factory plants, established environmental scenarios based on possible risks have been added.

Environmental Permit and License

Petkim is carrying out its activities under the legislation related to the environment, and has been certified the regularity of the activities by Environmental Permit No. 114 and by the Graduate Certificate received from the Environment and Urban Planning Ministry on 10th of September in 2014. This Environment Permit and License which is valid until 10th September 2019 is given on the subjects; "Air emissions, wastewater discharge, waste incineration and co-incineration, Waste Acceptance Facility” set internal monitoring and reporting on the subject are made in different periods.

Waste Management

Preventing pollution at source is one of the most important environmental principles. In this context, Petkim is taking a common act with all employees increasing utilization of recycling to eliminate waste generation and by reduction waste. Petkim treats all combustible wastes by central treatment plant built in-house. Waste of our activities, stored separately according to the way disposal; the recoverable, flammable. They are collected separately, temporarily stored in the licensed area and they are determined subject to disposal according to the recycling waste code. Petkim became the first and only industrial enterprise of our country which owns its Licensed Waste Incineration Plant with a significant and a major environmental investment. Having a Solid-Liquid Waste Incineration Plant has been a huge advantage for ensuring efficient and effective waste management in our company since 2006. In this plant combustible wastes are eliminated by burning at high temperature (1100 ° C) has been designed in accordance with the Regulation on Control of Hazardous Wastes. Exhaust gases pass through the activated carbon filters and environmental impacts that can create are prevented.

Water Management

Petkim has too much knowledge in water supply and waste water treatment since 1984 and this experience has become a big advantage in water management. On-site, Petkim has Güzelhisar Dam which was founded by Petkim in order to meet the water needs of Aliağa residents and other industrial plants which is DSI has  a total storage  volume of 150 million m3. However, availability of Water Pretreatment Unit which turns into raw water coming from dam to fire water, process water, cooling water and drinking water by a process helps water management. Availability of demineralized of processed water units in which waste water, all waste waters that occur in plants and houses, with the presence of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Petkim perform a tremendous integrated water and wastewater management by using chemical, physical and biological treatment systems.  Waste water is heated in the industrial wastewater treatment plant and the water is discharged into the sea in accordance with the relevant legislation. Emissions / air quality measurements are carried out under the legislation relating to air in all emission sources specified period determined by the competent authority in the field.  Environmental Permit and Licence which has been taken from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on the date September 9th 2014.

Marine Pollution
Our company which is operating in coastal resort of Nemrut Bay coast is considered to be based on existing environmental legislation due to port operations. Risk Assessment for our port operations authorized in this context, an organization has prepared Emergency Response Plan. Petkim has the capacity to intervene in the Level 1 event by itself according to the Emergency Response Plan approved by the ministry. Company signed a contract with the Emergency Response Organization in case of a Level 2 incident occurred to be ready. Petkim has also agreed with an organization which is authorized for training on emergency intervention in pollution by oil and other harmful substances about the marine environment like OPRC and HNS certification training and trained all staff. Under the legislation, the emergency response exercises under the supervision of the competent authority with some coastal plants operating in NemrutBay is performed. least twice a year at Petkim Port.

The other business areas as part of our port operations are carried out on the management of ship waste. Petkim Port has become the first institution which has taken MARPOL and Ministry of Environment and Forests' Waste Acceptance Facility License Certificate " which came into force in parallel regarding environmental legislation issues. Since 2005, Petkim Port has been accepting vessels which wants to give waste under the coverage Waste Acceptance Facility.

Environmental Measurements

The most important element of the track environmental performance, to establish an effective monitoring system and environmental measurements. Within the scope of measurement and monitoring activities; raw materials, water, reduction of energy consumption units, such as the reduction of emissions by increasing the recycling rate to reach our environmental objectives and performance indicators are monitored regularly.

For these purposes Petkim has been established an Environmental Laboratory and equipped it with the necessary measurement systems.  Wastewater analysis, flue gas measurements, are made in the company in order to measure its environmental performance. As well as Petkim Environmental Risk Environmental Management Laboratory a Quality Control Laboratory Directorate of Technical Services located at the Head Quarter, acting as a powerful equipment and trained personnel.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Operations

Petkim plans its activities with environmental aspects, environmental impact assessment in the planning phase of the project (EIA) are being examined by the process and apply for the necessary permits. EIA process and in the evaluation of the environmental impact of our activities on our regular projects. We perform production activities primarily in Aliağa. Opinions and feedbacks including the public, our employees, customers and suppliers and other stakeholders are carefully considered. This feedback is considered as an important tool managing the communication with our stakeholders by Corporate Communications and Environmental Management departments, around the basic aspects of creating added value to the community.

Environmental Awards

The most important factor in the prevention of environmental impacts; is the choice of environmentally friendly process.  Election process and to improving the current process from the environmental aspects. Currently, the majority of the existing chloral-alkali plants in many European countries continued with mercury production processes; Petkim, was completed a major investment that perform electrolysis technology in the production of chlorine and caustic with membrane technology instead of mercury in 2000. By the abandoning production with mercury transition to membrane production in chloral alkali plants prevent environmental impacts of mercury and also saves energy.

With these investments Petkim has won first prize of "Maximum Energy Saving and Environmental Benefit Corporations " in Industrial Organizations Between Energy Saving Project Contest held by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and participation of 46 organizations in 2002. In recent years, Petkim has achieved significant success by giving importance to the environment and energy efficiency and receives many awards. The most striking of these achievements; Industrial Energy Efficiency (SENVER) prizes won by Petkim in 3 categories organized by Energy and Natural Resources Ministry General Directorate of Renewable Energy, in 2013 and 2016.