Recent Progress Of Projects

Expansion of the Water Pretreatment Unit
An agreement with value 12.815.412 FF + 1.589.366 USD was signed in 1999 with OTV (Fransa)-Hidro OTV (Türkiye) consortium for engineering, procurement and supervisory services. In 2001 all equipment and material were received on site. AKFEN A.Ş. has been awarded the contract for construction work with 3.287.592.919.898.-TL value which was enacted on July 8, 2002. Construction work has been completed in October 2004. The unit was started up in 2005.


Expansion of Ethylene Plant
The basic engineering of the project which will increase ethylene production capacity from 400.000 tons/year to 520.000 tons/year, has been performed by Stone & Webster (UK) which was the original engineering designer of the plant. For engineering, procurement and construction phases, bidding was started on a lumpsum turn-key basis. The tendering was finalized leading to signing of the 82.200 thousand US Dollars contract with MES/GAMA on August 8, 2002. The consortium has performed detailed engineering and procurement services as well as construction work. In january 2005 the plant was shut-down to carry out the last portion of construction activities. In March 2005 precommissioning and commissioning started. On 15th May, 2005 trial operations commenced. Construction of Heavy Metal Removal System, also part of the project, was contracted separately to ÖNCÜ İNŞ. A.Ş. on December 30, 2003 with the amount of 356.623.340.000.-TL. HMR System has also been commissioned. The plant started trial production on 15th May, 2005 . In the test-run conducted on 20th August, 2005 target capacity was achieved.


LDPE Plant Revamp and Debottlenecking
Upon project completion the production capacity of the plant will have been raised from 190.000 tons/years to 310.000 tons/year. On November 7, 2001 license agreement of € 9.000.000 was signed with STAMICARBON BV (Holland) and engineering-procurement agreement of € 47.000.000 was signed with TECHNIP (France). Licensing firm completed and submitted the process design package on June 23, 2001. Detailed engineering and procurement work has been completed. After tendering for the construction job TOKAR A.Ş. has been awarded the contract amounting to 10.313.076.645.000.-TL which was enacted on September 2, 2002. Construction work was completed in December 2004. After commissioning completion trial operations started on May 24 th, 2005.

Second Expansion of PP Plant
The basic engineering of this project which aims to increase the production of polypropylene from 80.000 tons/year to 144.000 tons/year, has been performed by Mitsui Chemicals (Japan). Engineering, procurement and supervisory services contract with the amount of 19.700 thousand US Dollars has been awarded to Mitsui Engineering Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (Japan) and the agreement was signed on August 8, 2002. The firm has completed the detailed engineering work, as well as shipment of equipment and materials in 2004. After bidding for construction work a contract was signed with EMTA İnşaat on September 8th, 2004. Construction was completed in September 2005. Recently commissioning is under progress. After commissioning target production capacity was attained.


Rehabilitation of Cooling Water System
Foreign engineering, procurement and supervisory services contract of € 6.811.900 has been awarded to SALINE WATER SPECIALIST (Italy) on June 26, 2002. The firm has completed engineering work and shipment of equipment and materials. On April 9, 2003 the contract with the amount of TL. for construction of the new Cooling Towers G and H has been signed with ALKE İNŞ. SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş.- MARSİS İNŞ. A.Ş. Joint Venture. Cooling Tower G reached mechanical completion in December 2004. Concurrently with the completion of Cooling Tower H the project as a whole became operative in April 2005.


Rehabilitation of Demineralized Water Unit
Engineering, procurement and supervisory services contract of € 2.946.560 was signed with OTV (France) on April 10, 2002. The firm has completed engineering work and shipment of equipment and materials in 2003. In 2004, bidding for the construction job was started. Construction contract awarded to MARSİS İNŞ. A.Ş. was signed on July 8th, 2004. Construction work was completed in July 2005. The unit is fully operative.

Debottlenecking of Steam Generation Unit
Technical feasibility study of this modification which will enable boilers to utilize natural gas in addition to fuel-oil were assigned to MITSUBISHI (Japan) in 2000. Engineering, procurement and supervisory services have been opened to bidding in 2001. Contract award stage has been reached in 2002. Bidding procedure for engineering, procurement and supervisory services of the other project package namely the installation of the Second Steam Production Unit has been started in 2002. However, in 2003, during re-evaluation of investment projects with the aim to cut investment expenditures both bidding procedures were cancelled. In October 2004, a new bidding was opened for lump-sum turnkey supply of detailed engineering, equipment, materials and construction work covering natural gas conversion and rehabilitation of four existing boilers, 50 MW gas turbine generator and heat recovery system. Contract of 53.019.325.-Euro plus 19.459.800.-Swiss Francs was enacted with ANSALDO CALDAIE (Italy) – TOKAR A.Ş. consortium on March 25th, 2005. br>

As of end of 2007, four boilers whose modifications have been completed was put into operation. The installations of control system of Turbines No.1 and 2 have been completed and already put into service. The Gas Turbine and Gas Turbine Heat Regaining (Recovery) Unit have been put into operation. The installation of 154 KVA shalt region (field) has been completed. The study on the provisional acceptance (approval) of the whole project has been started and it is expected to be finished by the end of 2008.


Chlorine Alkali Plant - Rehabilitation of Electrolyzer System
Chlorine Alkali Plant has produced chlorine using mercury cell electrolysis technology until 1997. After a two-staged investment, in 2000, mercury cells were dismantled and membrane cell technology was adopted in 42 membrane cells. In the new technology, however, the useful life of anodes and cathodes is limited to 6 years, the renewal of these has become necessary to maintain the production of chlorine in this plant and production of VCM and PVC in the Complex. The project also comprises the installation of an additional membrane cell to compensate for chlorine shortages during project implementation. An agreement was signed on 1st August, 2006 with Chlorine Engineers Corporation Ltd. (Japan) for supply of anodes and meshes. Contract negotiations are being held for other parts of the project with the same firm. An agreement has been signed; On 01.08.2006, with a validity of 30 months covering a value of 325 008 000 JPY for the renewal (replacement) of Electrodes and procurement of Meshes, on 31.10.2006, with a validity of 18 months covering a value of 221 816 000 JPY for the procurement of Membrane Elements (components), On 11.01.2007, with a validity of 6 months covering a value of 288 000 000 JPY for the procurement of Complete Cells, Spare Anodes and Spare Cathodes. The agreement covers also the renewal (replacement) of Piping Materials and related Engineering Services.< br> Concerning the renewal (replacement) of Anodes and procurement of Meshes, as of end of 2007 ,out of 1776 pieces of Anode Meshes, 1192 pieces has been procured and their payment have already been effected. Within the framework of Mesh Replacement (Renewal) project, ,out of 444 pieces of Anode Elements, 132 pieces has been repaired within the year of 2007. The procurement of Cell System Membrane Elements has been completed. The procurement and shipment of Complete Cell System, the renewal (replacement) of piping materials have been completed by December 2007. Within the same period the basic and detailed engineering studies have been completed. An order has been given for the purchase of Cell System Piping Materials. This Project will be continued in 2008 also.