SOCAR Turkey Code of Ethics

Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Ş. is a member of SOCAR Turkey Enerji A.Ş. group of companies with regards to the non-publicly traded portion of its shares. As a member of this group, we follow the SOCAR Turkey Code of Ethics which was created under the light of SOCAR corporate culture and in line with the national and international rules and best practices of doing business with integrity as a “right-decision-making” guide. Based on the SOCAR Turkey Code of Ethics, the “right-decision” is the one taken with integrity, fairness, and respect towards all interested parties.


It is also very important for us to choose our commercial counterparties (“Counterparties”) among those who act/can act in compliance with our ethical values provided in the SOCAR Turkey Code of Ethics after processing our “right-decision-making” mechanisms. Therefore, we invite all our Counterparties including potential business partners to read and understand the applicable sections of the SOCAR Turkey Code of Ethics and implement them as necessary. Please click here for the full version of SOCAR Turkey Code of Ethics.


One of our “right-decision making” mechanisms that we use while choosing our Counterparties finds its grounds in the SOCAR Turkey Anti-Corruption and Trade Controls (“ACTC”) Policy which is a SOCAR Turkey Code of Ethics policy. This policy’s purpose is to ensure that we establish commercial relationships that are in-line and in-compliance with certain local and internationally applicable regulations, trade sanctions and embargoes that are in place to prevent corruption, money-laundering and financing of terrorism at a global level.