Shares / Privileged Shares

Under the Clause 15. of Articles of Association, C group share has privileges with respoect to voting.

Article 15 :

The validity of the decisions that are to be taken by the Board of Directors on the following matters depends on the affirmative vote of the member of Board of Directors elected from C group:

a) Modifications of the Articles of Association that will affect the privileges assigned to C Group share
b)Registration of the transfer of registered shares on the share book;
c)Determination of the form of letter of authority indicated in the Article 31 of the present Articles of Association;
d)Decisions stipulating a decrease of at least 10% in the capacity of any plant owned by the company;
e)The company's establishment of a new company or partnership, acquisition a company being partner to and/or merging with an existing company seperation, dematerialization, annulment and liquidiation of the company.

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