Capacity : 120.000 tons/year
   Licensor : Sabtec-HOLLAND
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : Technip-FRANCE
   Construction Contractor : Tokar A.Ş. - TURKEY
   Start Up Date : 24.05.2005
   Production Tecnology : LDPE is produced continuously in tubuler reactor developed by Sabtec at 170-295 oC temperature range and 2550 kg/cm2 pressure by using organic peroxides as catalyst. The 35% of the ethylene is converted to the LDPE, and the remaining ethylene is recycled.
   Main Raw Material : Ethylene
   Products : LDPE-T (G03-21T, G08-21T, F2-21T, H2-21T, F5-21T, I22-19T, I10-19T)
   End Uses : Greenhouse cover, heavy duty bags, various type of hoses and pipes, films for packing, kitchen utensils, toys, cables…