Capacity : 96.000 tons/year
   Licensor : Mitsui Petrochemical Co. JAPAN
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : Mitsui Eng. Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. & Mitsui Co. Ltd. JAPAN
   Construction Contractor : Koray - TURKEY
   Start Up Date : 23.07.1985
   Expansion Date : 1993, 2001
   Production Tecnology : It is based on the exothermic polymerization reaction of the ethylene in hexane using titanium / aluminum alkyle based catalyst. This technology is known as “slurry type” process and Petkim HDPE Plant is operated with the license of Mitsui CX Process. .
   Main Raw Material : Ethylene, Hydrogen, Propylene, Butene-1
   Products : HDPE pellets Injection grade (I 668 UV) Blow molding grade (S0464, S0452) Pipe grade (B00552) Film grade (F00556, F00756)
   End Uses : Houseware, toys, plastic bags, packaging, pipes, detergent bottles, containers for water, gasoline and other chemicals, rotational coating materials for paper, fabrics, wood and metals