Capacity : 144.000 Tons/Year
   Licensor : Mitsubishi Petrochemical Co. JAPONYA
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : Chiyoda Eng. Ltd. & Mitsubishi Co. JAPONYA
   Construction Contractor : AEA - TURKEY
   Start Up Date : 04.08.1985
   Expansion Date : 1993, 2005
   Production Tecnology : Polypropylene is produced by polymerising propylene with Ziegler-Natta catalyst. Isotactic and atactic polypropylene are the products. Isotactic polymer has a crystal structure which its molecules have been aligned in the same direction. Isotactic polymer is pelletized by adding various stabilizers and brought to market. On the other hand, atactic polymer has a randomly aligned propylene structure. The cake is cut as a plate and brought to market.
   Main Raw Material : Propylene (Polymer grade)
   Products : PP Fibers (EH-251, EH-241, EH-112, EH-102)PP Bags (MH-418, MH220)
   End Uses : Braid, bag, rug thread, rope, table cloth, doormat, fitler fabric, seal, cord fabric, pipe, cable case, fishnet, brush