Capacity : 520.000 Ton/Year
   Licensor : Stone & Webster Eng. Ltd. England
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : Stone & Webster Eng. Ltd. England
   Construction Contractor : Tekfen - TÜRKİYE
   Start Up Date : 21.03.1985
   Expansion Date : 1995 , 2005
   Production Tecnology : This is the main most important plant of Petrochemical Complex .This plant is produced raw materials and utilities for the other plants of this complex. Naphta is coming from Aromatics Plants and Tüpraş refineries or imported light naphta is cracked by steam and seperated to the components
   Main Raw Material : Naphta
   Products : Ethylene,Propylene (Chemical Grade), Propylene (Polymer Grade), Pyrolysıs Gasoline , C4, Hydrogen
   End Uses : Aromatic rich cracker Fuel Oil is used for Carbon Black production and syntetic rubber .