Capacity : 134000 TON/YEAR BENZEN 136000 TON/YEAR PARAXYLENE
   Licensor : Universal Oil Products (UOP)-ABD
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : JGC Corparation Nissho Iwai Corp. JAPONYA
   Construction Contractor : Enka - TÜRKİYE
   Start Up Date : 22.03.1985
   Expansion Date : 2005
   Production Tecnology : 1 ) Catalytics processing of Heavy Strain Run Naphtha 2 ) Hydrogenation of Pyrolises Gasoline which is side product of NSC Plant . 3)Production and riching the xylenes using by the catalytic processes in Tatoray and Isomar Process Units 4)Producing of paraxylenes,benzene and ortho xylenes by using the distillation , adsorbtion- desorption and liquid- liquid extraction technics
   Main Raw Material : Strain Run Naphtha and Raw Pyrolysis Gasoline
   Products : Benzene, Para-Xylene, Ortho-Xylene, C5 Hyrocarbons
   End Uses : Benzene; is used in Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries via synthasis with many chemicals. It is also the feed stock of detergents and Caprolactam. Being a powerfull solvent, and is used in the production of adhesives for leather industry and as solvent for metal cleaning, prnting paints and it is also using as a row material in production of Styrene Para-Xylane major uses are as follows; PTA production, PET resin production,Textile raw material, Fodder production, DMT production Ortho- xylene is mainly used in Phatalic Anhydride production , other uses are given below; As engine fuel, Phamaceutcal industry, insecicide production, diethylphthalate production. C5 Hdrocarbons is using as a blending material of Gasoline pool at the Refineres.