Capacity : 100.000 TPY Gas chlorine 114.000 TPY sud caustic (%100)
   Licensor : Oronzio De Nora Italy (mercury based) Conversion: Chlorine Engineers Corp./Japan
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : Catalytic. Int. Inc. U.K. Chlorine Engineers Corp./Japan
   Construction Contractor : Entes - TÜRKİYE
   Start Up Date : 04.05.1985
   Expansion Date : 29 /07 / 2000
   Production Tecnology : Plant started to production with De Nora mercury cell technology since 1985. Mercury cells completely replaced with membrane electrolysers in the year of 2000 licensed by Chlorine Engineers Corp./Japan Passage of DC current load through the electrolyser causes the sodium chloride in the anode and lean caustic in the cathode to dissociate, be in the form of gas chlorine , hydrogen and 32 % conc. sud caustic
   Main Raw Material : Salt and Electricity
   Products : Chlorine, sud caustic
   End Uses : Chlorine: vinyl chloride, water treatment, pulp and paper, organic and inorganic chemicals Sud caustic: organic and inorganic chemicals, petroleum, food, pulp and paper, soap and detergent ,alumina ,textiles, miscellaneous