Capacity : 152.000 TPY
   Licensor : ICI, Solvay İ / BELGIUM
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : CTIP S.P.A ITALY
   Construction Contractor : Alarko - TÜRKİYE
   Start Up Date : 09.07.1986
   Expansion Date : 1995, 2003
   Production Tecnology : Process is SOLVAY technology. Ethylene and chlorine gas are reacted in a liquid phase to yield of pure Ethylene Di Chloride-EDC. EDC is heated to dissociation temperature in the furnace tubes to yield a mixture of vinyl chloride and hydrogen chloride. Hydrogen chloride is catalically reacted by Ethylene and oxygen to produce EDC.
   Main Raw Material : Ethylene and gas chlorine
   Products : VCM
   End Uses : Poly vinyl chloride (pvc)