Capacity : 90.000 TPY
   Licensor : Vistron Corp. USA
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : Badger Pan America UK
   Construction Contractor : Entes - TÜRKİYE
   Start Up Date : 15.08.1985
   Expansion Date : 1993
   Production Tecnology : Acrylonitrile is produced by Sohio Process based on the wapor-phase catalytic air oxidation of propylene and ammonia, known as ammoxidation. Stoichiometric quantities of propylene, ammonia, and oxygen as air are introduced into the fluidized bed reactor. Hydrocyanic acid produced as by-products and aqueous wastes are incinerated.
   Main Raw Material : propylene and ammonia
   Products : Akrilonitril (ACN)
   End Uses : Acrylic fibers, Elastomers, synthetic resins, Acrylonitrile polymers, nitrile rubbers.