Capacity : 34.000 Tons/Year
   Licensor : Atochem - FRANCE
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : Krebs & Cie S.A. - FRANCE
   Construction Contractor : Atilla DOĞAN, TÜRKİYE
   Start Up Date : 19.12.1985
   Production Tecnology : PA is produced under ATOCHEM licence.Phthalic Anydride is produced by the catalytic oxidation of air oxygen and orthoxylene. Production is carried out in three steps: a) Oxidation: Orthoxylene and air react in the fixed bed reactor. b) Condensation: Outlet gases from the reactor are cooled and Crude PA is seperated. c) Distillation: Crude PA is distilled to obtain commercial grade PA..
   Main Raw Material : Orthoxylene
   Products : Phthalic Anyhdride (PA)
   End Uses : a) In the paint industry, in the production of alkyd resins. b) In polyester production by condensation polymerisation using various glycols. c) In the production of plastifyers (i.e. DOP).