Plastic Process Plant
   Capacity : 4.000 tons/year (Printed Bag) 4.000 tons/year (Tubular Roll Film)
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : Windmöller and Hölscher - GERMANY
   Construction Contractor : Windmöller - PETKİM
   Start Up Date : 24.04.1986
   Expansion Date : 2005 (FFS Roll Film)
   Production Tecnology : The process is realized in two steps: 1- Blown film extrusion 2- Bag production a- Glue sealed and ventilled bag product b- FFS roll bag product
   Main Raw Material : LDPE(G03-5)
   Products :  
   End Uses : In packing of solid products in the form of pellet, granule or coarse powder in 25-50 kg amounts.