First Price of Energy Efficiency goes to Petkim

Petkim is one of the most important industrial in Turkey who uses at the production a high level of energy. The efficiency in production affects the costs positively.


Petkim is developing in energy efficiency and several projects within the company as well as in other areas and these projects won awards at national level.



The 16th competition of ‘Energy Efficiency in Industry Projects’ SENVER 16, organised by the Energy Ministry General Directory of Renewable Energy, the applied Project at current system for increasing the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises by Petkim was assessed. Petkim joined in the category SEVAP-3 (50.001 TEP and higher). The results of the competition were announced at the Energy Forum held in Istanbul.



Petkim has achieved the first place  with the energy project ‘Energy consumption 50001 TEP project application’ selected out of 8 plants: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Ethylene , Aromatics , Acrylonitrile (ACN), and  Low Density Polyethlene-Tubuler (LDPE-T) plants.

The Award was presented by Mr. Berat Albayrak the Energy and Natural Resources Minister.