Capacity : 190.000 Tons/Year
   Licensor : Imperial Chemical Ind.Ltd. ENGLAND
   Engineering and Supply Contractor : SIM - Chem Ltd. ENGLAND
   Construction Contractor : Kutlutaş - TÜRKİYE
   Start Up Date : 19.04.1985
   Expansion Date : 1993
   Production Tecnology : The Low Density Polyethylene Plant from ICI Technology based on Autoclave Reaktor and High Pressure Continious Process and consists of two streams, each of which is capable of independent operation. Thus by having different reaction conditions on each stream. It is possible to produce different grades of LDPE at the same time. The name plate capacity of plant is 150 kt/a based on 7200 operating hours per year. The plant was started to produce on 19.04.1985 and also the nominal capacity was revamped to 190 kt/a in 1993. Moreover, the actual capacity has to be increased to 200 kt/a in recent years.The Autoclave Reaction Vessel pressures are in the The temperatures are between 170 -310 °C .The Organic Peroxides are used as Catalyst. The conversion rate is typically to the extent 18 – 21 %. The rest of 80 % Ethylene is recycled.
   Main Raw Material : Ethylene
   Products : LDPE Grades ,Mainly Petkim Coding F2-12, G03-5, H2-8
   End Uses : Heavy Duty Bags , Greenhouse Cover , Film for Packing , Cable Coating, Kitchen Utensils , Toys, Pipes, Hoses , Tubes, Bottles, Textile and Metal Coatings, Rotating Molds, Blow Molds , etc