Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Why Petkim?

As Türkiye's first and only integrated petrochemical company, we supply raw materials to almost all industries. We lead the way in the sustainable production of petrochemical products and continuously support the country's economy with the added value we create.
We have developed nearly 60 petrochemical products by combining our experience in the industry with our "digital thinking" approach. We contribute to numerous industries such as plastics, chemistry, packaging, pipes, paints, construction, agriculture, automotive, electronics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, detergents, and cosmetics with our high-value-added products such as thermoplastic, fiber, and paint raw materials.

We meet approximately 11% of Türkiye's petrochemical raw material needs by producing at full capacity in our 15 main and 6 auxiliary facilities in Aliaga, Izmir. We are the export leader in the Aegean Region, with our supplies to approximately 80 countries.

We are progressing rapidly in our commercial successes, just as in production. We increased our sales volume to 2.7 million tons in 2021 and expanded our sales to US$ 3.246 million.

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