Capital and Shareholding Structure

Capital and Shareholding Structure

Based on the approval of the Republic of Türkiye Prime Ministry Privatization Board dated 28.01.2013 and numbered 86673822-857, and the permission of the Capital Markets Board dated 01.03.2013 and numbered 29822736-110.04.02/489-2031, Petkim increased the registered capital ceiling of 300.000.000 TL to 4,000,000,000 TL.

The decision approved it by our company's board of directors dated 09.10.2020, which is included in the bulletin of the Capital Markets Board dated 12.11.2020 and numbered 2020-70, to increase the issued capital of our company from TL to 2.534.400.000 TL by 20% bonus. Our company's issued capital of TL 2.534.400.000 was registered on 18.11.2020.
Registered Capital Ceiling: 4,000,000,000 TL
Issued Capital: 2,534,400,000 TL


Issued Capital (TL)


SOCAR Türkiye Petrokimya A.Ş.



Privatization Board of Türkiye



Publicly-traded on BIST






Explanations on Preferred Shares and Voting Rights of Shares

  • Article 32 of the Company's Articles of Incorporation states that each share has one voting right at the General Assembly Meetings. Group C shares belonging to the Privatization Administration have the privilege to nominate candidates for the board of directors.
  • In addition, the validity of the decisions taken by the board of directors on the issues specified in Article 15 of the Company's Articles of Association is deemed dependent on the affirmative vote of the C group shares. These topics are listed as follows:
  • Amendments to the articles of association that will affect the privileges granted to group C shares,
  • Processing the transfer of registered shares in the share book,
  • Determining the form of power of attorney in Article 31 of this Articles of Association,
  • Decisions envisaging a reduction of at least 10% in the capacity of any factory owned by the company,
  • Establishment of a new company or partnership, acquisition, partnership with the existing ones and/or merger, division, change of nature, dissolution, and liquidation of the company.